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This would be awesome I miss Gabriel so much Supernatural
The awesome parallel scene with Cas and Gabriel in the Impala.
This would be awesome, I miss Gabriel so much! It's Supernatural, Castiel,
Just take a moment to consider that Gabriel is the angel who informed Mary she was pregnant. Can you just imagine how that went?
Season 2
Gabriel asking to be let back into Heaven. Damn you people!! Why do
That little smirk is half the reason I love Gabriel so much :) Supernatural Gabriel
7 'Supernatural' Season 11 Facts That Will Make You Even More Excited For Its Return
"Supernatural" stars dish on why it's so good that Gabriel is back
gabriel back on supernatural unfinished business ...
I MISS GABRIEL!!!! D':<< Supernatural Funny
Supernatural Recap
Supernatural Season 11 Wish List
Supernatural Recap
Co-star Jensen Ackles agrees and says "There's not a lot that really truly shocks these guys anymore. They're a bit like war-torn heroes at this point, ...
Trickster/Gabriel quotes supernatural | Tumblr
As the hit CW show heads into its epic 14th season, we're excited to return to the city where the Official Supernatural Conventions were born! This is YOUR ...
Supernatural Spoilers
The CW
Supernatural Spoilers
List of Supernatural characters
Gabriel, after being broken by Asmodeus
Supernatural Recap
[PHOTOS] 'Supernatural's Dead Characters: Stars' & Producers' Favorite Deaths | TVLine
Supernatural Convention Comes to Denver!
Supernatural Recap
Supernatural Season 2.jpg
'Supernatural' Recap Season 13 Episode 9 — Dean and Sam Transported to [Spoiler] | TVLine
supernatural2241 It's time ...
It's sad to see him like that. I really missed him :( I can
'Supernatural': Rob Benedict Returns as Chuck/God? — Season 11 | TVLine
Supernatural Season 11 Recap
Supernatural: Lucifer Is Still the Best Thing About The CW Show | TV Guide
Supernatural one shots
Supernatural Recap
13.20 0034 Gabriel smiling
If you've been watching along faithfully, I'm sure you'll agree: this is Supernatural's golden age. Here's why.
Supernatural Imagines
Supernatural One-Shots
TV Insider on Twitter: "because you #Supernatural fans are so awesome...… "
Supernatural Returns with Stranger In A Strange Land
Season 5
Richard Speight, Jr., perhaps more familiar to viewers as the archangel Gabriel, swapped his acting cap for his directorial one this week to bring us the ...
There comes a time in every apocalypse when the future seems bleak, Team Free Will is losing, God isn't dead (but he might as well be), and Lucifer has left ...
This is Gabriel ...
I would be remiss if I didn't also acknowledge the phenomenal acting of Osric Chau as AU Kevin Tran. While I adored real world Kevin, the intensity of this ...
"The Devil in the Details" had moments of brilliance, as well as moments of utter WTF—and not the good WTF like cannibal make-out sessions in "My Bloody ...
'Supernatural' EPs & Cast On Potential Season 14 Pick Up & What To Expect In The Remaining Episodes
10 Supernatural Casting Decisions That Hurt The Show (And 10 That Saved It)
supernatural gabriel every day asmodeus tortured me
9:00 AM - 10 May 2018
Supernatural Season 14 PREVIEW 'The Devil Shall Rise Again'
TV Insider on Twitter: "because you #Supernatural fans are so awesome...… "
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Sam was able to get through to Gabriel by briefly talking about what he has gone through in his life. What did you think of that scene overall?
The Official Supernatural: “Various and Sundry Villains” (13.12) Live Recap Thread | The Historical Meow
... a photo shoot and I got to join them! I also found a Demon Dean! I was cosplaying as Gabriel and found another Gabriel cosplayer. It was really awesome!
Supernatural ...
Of course, it will likely be a generally disliked episode because it would appear that Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr) is really and truly dead now – we got ...
Lucifer ran into his own series of problems in this episode. No matter what he does, he can never measure up to his father. He can't even give the angels ...
It's that ...
It begins with Gabriel accosting Fenrir Odinsbane (Sandy Robson) in an alley. Gabriel appears playing a kazoo, which is a nice shout out to Louden ...
13.20 0151 gabriel
Those aren't typically words you want to hear from Death. Do you think that means Dean will be dying again this season?
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Photo Credit: The CW. Here's just about every scene that meant something to ...
Supernatural Season 13 The Road So Far Carry On Wayward Son Midseason Finale
Season 3
I wasn't ready for this level of emotional abuse, Supernatural. There I was, on the verge of throwing a tantrum because darling Lucy was seemingly reduced ...
supernatural comic con jared padalecki jensen ackles
... I have to separate who I want to come back from the AU from who I actually think we will see come back. If I were the one writing Supernatural, ...
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"Trickster"/Director for Supernatural
Getty Images Kevin Mazur
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