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Dear Friends I am feeling better now with 3 weeks of radiation to go
Dear Friends, I am feeling better now with 3 weeks of radiation to go. Love you all, Marie F. ♡♡♡♡
A new series of 'empathy cards' for serious illnesses - created by American designer Emily McDowell, herself a cancer survivor - would have helped me ...
radiation therapy
Instead of killing cancer cells, radiation therapy promotes malignancy in cancer.
Thanks Cancer
Sometime back in 2010, a good friend of mine from college who had since become a pediatrician posted a complaint on Facebook about “made up” health ...
Three friends
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Does receiving external-beam radiation make a person radioactive or able to expose others to radiation?
So Why Do I Feel Worse Now?
In talking with Dr. Melnik and a Chemo specialist I was comforted in the fact that cancer treatment in general has come a long way in recent years.
In this moment, when the wind is calm, I feel like, “Okay, so I'm a little emotionally unstable these days, I can roll with that.” But when the wind picks a ...
12 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Accept Chemo (Part 1 of 2)
Initially it seems like a lot of physical work, or it did for me. My body was and is just plain beaten down after chemo/radiation treatments and surgeries.
If you have found your way to this site because you suspect that the symptoms you are experiencing may be due to low iron, iron deficiency or anemia, ...
Today was in a sense “D” day with my amazing Surgical Oncologist Dr. Marianne Melnik who performed my bilateral mastectomy just over 3 weeks ago (My first ...
So with 2 more weeks of radiotherapy to go it's going to be tough, every time the mask goes on the dressing has to come off, the feeding tube manoeuvred ...
Dear Friends, update today on my cancer situation. Good news is no cancer in
All around the world people are reporting wireless is affecting their health. We've collected many smart meter health complaints and posted them here.
One year ago today I finished my radiation treatments. For 9 months I had been counting down to this very day, the day that I would walk out of Lemmon ...
Cancer… and I decided to make a lot of changes in my life. In July, I had 14 treatments of Whole Brain Radiation. This was ...
I realized that I am more than that attack.But truth is when he reacted to my tweet it validated so many years of feeling less than. I sobbed when he did.
My Old Friend Dacarbazine
Next they laid a piece of mesh material over Thane's face, neck, and shoulders. It was wet, warm, and flexible. Thane said it felt like a wet towel.
Renew My Mind, Body and Soul
What to say to someone who has Cancer ...
Going forward I will admit I have fears but I am also VERY confident that my specialist's extensive knowledge paired with the care I see in their eyes and ...
21 Chemo Side Effects Everyone Should Know About |.
Radiation Days: The Rollicking, Lighthearted Story of a Man and His Cancer: Lynn Hoffman: 9781628737189: Amazon.com: Books
In case you can't read his writing: Boy, did I ever feel the spirit. There are times in life that remind me how blessed I was.
Drahreg01/Wikimedia Commons
A dear friend of mine was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. I knew I wanted to put together something for her before she started chemo…so I reached out ...
Has cancer treatment accelerated the aging process for you?
When Death Brings Out the Worst: family fighting after a death
My Sinus Surgery Experience- Advice and Tips
Aside from nature's splendors and the fresh, crisp air, it was nice to spend quality time with my family. Nowadays, we mostly see each other around holidays ...
For You My Dear Friend,BD,I hope you are not in to much pain and I long to have you back chatting away and laughing. Always here for you my lovely friend ...
Please join me in welcoming all our new friends!! I am blessed to have
“Don't pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom
I know I have been quiet. As you probably assumed, it has been a very difficult month. I finished whole brain radiation (and I needed to add ...
Are you still looking for answers for ill-health without help and understanding (or
Dear Gulf of Mexico, you can wash my makeup off any time you want.
My surgeon says the MRI shows it is only one side, the other side looks good, and no evidence from the MRI of lymph node involvement.
I realize it has been a while since my last update. Things have been very busy with getting my whole brain radiation going. I've spent so much time at ...
Cancer Poems
So as I listen carefully to those words, He speaks to me. He tells me that I am His and that He will catch me when I'm falling. Yes, Lord.
AnaOno's Full Coverage, Wire-free Radiation Bra is great for patients undergoing Radiation Therapy
certificate of completion for finishing my radiation treatments
Although I have lotions and creamed my neck religiously due to my fair skin and freckles radiation burns were always a strong possibility. For the past week ...
Just Get Me Through This! - Revised and Updated: A Practical Guide to Coping with Breast Cancer: Deborah A. Cohen, Robert M. Gelfand M.D.: 9780758269539: ...
It seems they have found a need to scan my abdomen my wrist, my Brian, and my spine, but not the most important)
Figure 3: Michael Becker's disease and treatment milestones. Click image to enlarge.
There are many types of friends. Online/Long Distance are no less treasured than local. I honestly don't know what I'd do without my online friends. I have ...
Well, sometimes I feel like I'm melting.
Or by engaging in reckless behavior in hopes of feeling something….anything. Picking fights and reckless behavior sometimes work, but they also come with ...
cop a feel save your life cakes
What Every Man Should Know about Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Are you able to drive yourself home after radiation treatments? - TiffanyJ's Question - Cancer Support - WhatNext.com
Health-wise, I continue to regain strength in the hopes of trying another treatment once I'm strong enough.
If dealing with all of this isn't enough, I had to add on the hardest aspect of all. I now had to figure out how to navigate through all of this and ...
What to Say to a Grieving Friend
Last Friday I did my mask-fitting and simulation. The mask-fitting takes about half an hour and is pretty unpleasant. The mask is molded to be skin tight on ...
Finishing whole brain radiation tomorrow (Friday), have completed one week of liver radiation and have one more week to go. Immediately after I complete ...
March 2006 MRI of tumor #1 and inflammation in right frontal lobe. Top view. (Note: MRI images have left and right reversed).
Myself (sitting) and the neurosurgeon, Dr. Greene (he has a different suit for every day of the week), following brain surgery number 2 (of 3 total)
What would your list look like on the day of your second cancer surgery?
I must confess I promised SPOHNC I would write my ten-year survivor story. Only now it's fourteen years. Can you say procrastination?
Original image: Flickr, Justin Sewell
Do you feel like you're failing as a mom because your child is constantly
The Three Worst Things You Can Say To Someone Battling Cancer Or Any Kind of Adversity…And You've Probably Already Said Them - Margaret Feinberg
7 Habits To Protect Yourself From The Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation
The mask is not for the claustrophobic "Luke...I'm not your father"
A fox roaming around
Cancer Victor Unplugged—My Experience with My Port Removal. “
DAY ...
The next 3 days followed a similar routine up radiotherapy then into rascal room saline drip via cannula, my veins are taking a battering.
Ideally, Ms. Stella explains, patients currently undergoing treatment will use a modified version of the USDA's MyPlate icon to guide their nutritional ...
A strong study on hormonal birth control methods and depression
Brachial Plexus
I get chemo on Thursday, so I take Thursday and Friday off from my healthily accumulated vacation days. After his first and only chemotherapy appearance, ...