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Dark times nazilike faceless military lineup Black t
Dark times - nazi-like faceless military lineup
Russian Spetsnaz in urban warfare training.
Turkish Soldiers, Polis, Sats
Faceless Goons
Even though the film is a political drama, the storyline doesn't distort history in a distasteful manner. The film genuinely follows the events to the best ...
America's Secret Space War
However, by the first ...
Ever since the maidan coup was unleashed at the end of November 2013 in Ukraine, there was a relentless propaganda from within Ukraine, supported by western ...
Photo shows Marines posing with Nazi-like symbol in Afghanistan
Someone who can walk into the heart of darkness, into the universal human phobia, and walk out unscathed. - Colonel David Grossman.
Fiji military disengagement from politics?
POOL/AFP/File | North Korea has arrested and jailed several US citizens in the past decade, often releasing them only after high-profile visits by current ...
Russian special forces fighting in Syria 2017
I Shall Return
The current West makes no sense. Without the predatory controls provided by white race-ism, it falls deeper and deeper into the cults of Universalism and ...
Edward like many other young men bravely responded to what would be known in the chronicles of history as “Operation Overlord.” By the way, the “D” simply ...
Winter - 2012 - 例外 (this is a beautiful site - this picture is the
An American soldier in Karbala threw a grenade on Friday over a wall behind which a militiaman was hiding in bushes
Soldiers (not innocent students) killed at settler center
... pretty well through them sometimes.
Esther Boskaljon A/W 13 look book Vogue Editorial, Black Style, All Black
Tanks, armored vehicles and 3,000 U. S. troops started to arrive in Poland Thursday in one of President Barack Obama's last moves to reassure NATO allies ...
The Siege
Eugene Smith 1944 Battle of Saipan Island. Wounded US Marines June)
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UN Secretary-General Meets With SWC Leaders - "Denial of Israel's right to exist is anti-Semitism"
A soldier of the U. Seventh Marines carries a puppy in his pocket after rescuing it during an operation southwest of Da Nang in Vietnam on Jan.
{Photograph}  The sun breaks through dense jungle foliage as South Vietnamese troops
Palestinians take part in clashes with Israeli troops along the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip, east of Gaza City on July 27, 2018.
Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys..: General Commentary Archives
Ukraine Russia armor
{illustrative}  Southern Lithograph Co., New York  - 
Google's War on Andrea?
Today ...
[ Author's note: This is a long article due to the complex nature of this problem with hyperactive, overly aggressive, mind-kontrolled police with itchy ...
It is our joy that during the hard years of the war the Red Army and the Soviet people were led by the wise and experienced leader of ...
Recap / Doctor Who S6 E7 "The War Games"
Pat Buchanan's “Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World” is a necessary book countering certain ...
Warsaw, Poland — American soldiers rolled into Poland on Thursday, fulfilling a dream Poles have had since the fall of communism in 1989 to have U. S. ...
The firefights were the most intense since the American military started an operation here on Tuesday night to crush Mr. Sadr`s thousands-strong militia, ...
Image result for Dunkirk
From D-Day to the Liberation of the. Death Camps, LEE MARVIN leads an all-star cast in SAMUEL FULLER'S autobiographical masterpiece of. WORLD WAR II.
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A firefight between US and Afghan troops and the Taliban led to the deaths of 33 civilians, according to an investigation by the Pentagon.
The Dirty Dozen
(2.23/16), 90
Obama with former JCOS Dempsey
NYPD Officers Save Baby Who Stopped Breathing On Subway Platform (1.01/9)
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Most advanced American police training is done under direction of Israeli anti-terror forces (this is no coincidence). DHS was set up to consolidate all ...
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CW squandered their costume budget with un-creative and uninspired designs (though the use of the Waffen lightning bolts was good, I'll give them that).
(19.99/68), 47
Untying Russia's Hands
(1.33/39), 125
If fire really brought down the twin towers, than how could this women stand here alive and unburnd
Manga / Akame ga Kill!
PARADOXY: Does No One Have Vision?: Walon Green & Sam Peckinpah's THE WILD BUNCH: The Ride of the 'Last Barbarians'(and Some Notes on Akira Kurosawa, ...
June 3 - III - weapons - combined
An Israeli tank crew sits on the Golan Heights overlooking the Syrian village of Breqa on
Marmato (2014) Dir. Marc Grieco Scr. Grieco & Stuart Reid Prd. Stuart Reid
Image: Libyan Mahdi al-Harati of the Al Qaeda affiliate LIFG, leading. Libyan terrorists in Syria. LIFG terrorists would pass through NATO territory
A Brilliant Sign !
Seen here ◊.
MANILA — The Philippine military said on Sunday that troops had found the bodies of 16 people believed to have been killed by Islamic militants, ...
... which shows its identity on many occasions (Pictures below), and foreigners that know little about Germany think “hey that does not seem so Nazi like”.
Moshe Brodetzky in Jerusalem, 1948
NEW YORK — Investigators say a woman suspected of pushing another woman in front of a New York City subway Monday admitted during interrogation that she was ...
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Sanjuro and Hansuke
This is what the Jewish Labour Movement, Luke Akehurst& Jeremy Newmarksupport when they cry 'anti-Semitism'
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But there are many honest-minded Europeans, including members of the EU parliament as well as ordinary citizens who wouldn't approve of their governments ...
Turkey Preparing for Syria Occupation?
Post ...
General Alexander Loehr with Leutnant Kurt Waldheim December 1944. (AP Photo)
While in all actuality ISIS and other extremist factions already constitute the ground component of the West's campaign against Damascus, now enjoying ...
AFT Agent Brian Terry assassinated — the Cartel's actions have never been adjudicated
March or Die
Post ...